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Nicolas Vérin

Cercles de feu - installation at UCSD

17 Février 2014 , Rédigé par Nicolas Vérin Publié dans #János Négyesy, #Audio-visuel, #Cercles de Feu, #San Diego, #USA, #UCSD, #Fulbright

Cercles de feu - installation at UCSD

SInce Friday the 14th of February's concert "to János with love", my piece Cercles de feu is being shown as an installation in the lobby of the Conrad Prebys Music Center at UC San Diego.

A video monitor is set inside the Sphere, the sculpture by Fred Thieme that was used in the piece, and can be heard on speakers or headphones.

It will remain for another week. Here's a small clip and another here.

pictured : opus 146, computer painting by János Négyesy

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