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Nicolas Vérin

Disparition de Richard Zvonar

6 Août 2005 , Rédigé par Nicolas Vérin Publié dans #Amis, #Richard Zvonar, #UCSD, #USA

Disparition de Richard Zvonar

Triste nouvelle de la disparition de Richard Zvonar.

C'était un grand ami, un excellent compositeur, musicien informaticien, avec un savoir extraordinaire dans plein de domaines.

Un de mes meilleurs amis de UCSD, nous avions fait plusieurs voyages dans la Bay Area, et j'ai rencontré beaucoup de gens grâce à lui.

J'aime beaucoup sa pièce pour percussion et bande "3 for 5" et son spectacle multi-média "Soul Murder", dans lequel j'avais eu le plaisir de participer.

Il me manquera beaucoup.

Disparition de Richard Zvonar

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Dorie Griggs 28/10/2016 00:04

Thank you for this post. Richard is my brother. I had not seen these photos before. I'll have to ask my friend to translate for me.
Best wishes,
Dorie Griggs

Nicolas Vérin 28/10/2016 10:51

Dear Dorie,
I'm glad this blog can be useful this way.
Here's a translation of this post I wrote a few years ago, coming back some more years.

Sad news of the passing of Richard Zvonar.
He was a great friend, an excellent composer, computer musician, with extraordinary knowledge in many fields.
One of my best friends at UCSD, we travelled together several times to the Bay Area,and I met many people through him.
I particularly love his percussion and tape piece "3 for 5" and his multi-media piece "Soul Murder", in which I had the pleasure to participate.
I will miss him very much.
If you are interested, I have a few more photos of him, and I could send them to you.

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